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Sinjar Foundation for Human Development

We are an independent non-governmental and non-profit foundation that aims to develop the capacities of civil foundations and individuals via diverse developmental programs that build capacities and help gain skills for meeting the current and future needs in accordance with international standards. It also endeavors to build an effective civil society.

Our Goals

Provide Humanitarian aid, medical, psychosocial and mental support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people; internally displaced people IDPs, refugees, victims of war, orphans, minorities, particularly women and children, and to contribute to the development of a democratic civil society, public advocacy and promote gender equality, women and child rights and human rights in general.

Foundation’s Objectives:

1. Building up capacities of civil society organizations to help them play their role in societal development in areas of awareness, monitoring, and advocacy.

2. Empowering women socially, economically, psychologically, and in healthcare as well. The foundation, furthermore, aims to activate women’s role in life to prepare the ground for them to exercise their civil rights.

3. Improving the efforts and performance of educational establishments and help them harness talents for the sake of achieving positive results and outcomes.

4. Enhancing social hierarchy which guarantees civil development, respect for human rights, and to have equality and justice served for all the components of society.

5. Developing the skills of jobless people in addition to teaching them vocations and crafts from which they will benefit in their life.

6. Supporting youth leaders in the Iraqi society.

7. Supporting and enhancing initiatives of coexistence.

8. Provision of humanitarian assistance for the IDPs and refugees across Iraq.

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